Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – the next BIG Opportunity

Desktop computing has become a core technology for enterprise infrastructures providing end users with a customizable and flexible environment but it has also brought a series of challenges that have resulted in high operational costs as enterprises have installed 100’s or even 1000’s of these devices into their IT environments. These operational costs include helpdesk personnel, IT support, maintenance, and software licenses in addition to the cost of hardware resulting in a high cost of ownership. Desktop computing has remained the technology of choice for flexibility and mobility of full-time and contract employees gaining access to their corporate environments, even when working remotely, leaving organizations with the dilemma of providing IT assets needed for productivity while looking for ways to reduce their overall IT costs.

The mass adoption of virtualization is one of the biggest data center transformations to hit the IT world in years. It is sweeping its way across companies as initial benefits are being realized and IT organizations are anxious to continue virtualization initiatives throughout the entire IT landscape. Server virtualization has made significant improvements helping companies consolidate resources, improve resource utilization, and enable disaster recovery solutions for server and application infrastructures. Server virtualization has already proven to reduce capital costs, lower IT operational costs, and introduce broad improvements in overall IT efficiency of production applications.

Next for virtualization is the desktop operating environment in an effort to help organizations reduce costs. As successful as server virtualization has been, the opportunity for desktop virtualization is even greater. Hundreds, even thousands, of desktops connect to a smaller number of servers and many of the same benefits of server virtualization can be applied to the desktop operating environments spread throughout

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an intelligent desktop virtualization solution that delivers enterprise-class control and manageability with a familiar end user experience. With VDI the end user gets a complete, unmodified virtual desktop that behaves just like a normal PC while the organization receives the benefits of standard environments and centralized management without significant new capital expenditures. Analysis of VDI implementations has found high consolidation ratios, increased efficiencies of helpdesk and IT personnel along with the ability to deploy new clients or applications in seconds.

Clearly bandwidth requirements are the biggest challenge in any country which lack high speed infrastructure, but this is becoming less and less an issue with focus new focus VDI technology.

VDI solution delivers desktops as a service to users no matter what their location is and it reduces the total cost of ownership by 70% over standalone desktop implementations while maintaining the familiar end user experience. Key benefits of VDI include:

• Centralized administration of desktops from any location reducing complexity of upgrades, patches and desktop maintenance Helpdesk and IT technicians can perform tasks in the data center and eliminate “desktop visits”
• Scalable management by storing and managing thousands of virtual desktop images on smaller number of centralized physical servers from a single management console
• Consolidated backups for virtual desktops on servers rather than distributed standalone desktops help to eliminate backup traffic from the network to improve performance
• Desktop isolation provides each user with an isolated virtual desktop and help to eliminate the availability and performance problems associated with shared application technologies
• Secure access for mobile employees and non-employees in remote locations
• Streamlined provisioning of new desktops from central server images in less than two minutes
• Optimization of IT and helpdesk personnel by reducing time spent on mundane and time consuming tasks allowing personnel to focus on mission critical activities

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