The Infrastructure-as-a-Service Market Opportunity

Hosted Infrastructure (also known as infrastructure-as-a-service): This category includes dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), managed hosting, and utility or elastic computing. Hosted Infrastructure has the lion’s share of the current Cloud service market in the U.S and Globally, with a national SMB spend of approximately $4.9B in the US. This figure encompasses all types [...]

Cloud Computing Market Overview for SMB’s

Cloud computing has given small and medium businesses (SMBs) access to computing power, applications, and services that were formerly available only to large enterprises. Looking at the IT landscape at the end of 2010, we see SMBs participating in the Cloud opportunity to varying degrees—ranging from leasing a single server, to sophisticated customer relationship management [...]

Cloud Computing & Hosting | The Cloud Blog by Anthony Banek Now after almost 14 years involved in selling domain names, email solutions, data center space and web hosting solutions, here I am in the social media world. Yes, I do have Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but have not entered the world of Blogging. You know we have been selling WordPress web [...]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – the next BIG Opportunity

Desktop computing has become a core technology for enterprise infrastructures providing end users with a customizable and flexible environment but it has also brought a series of challenges that have resulted in high operational costs as enterprises have installed 100’s or even 1000’s of these devices into their IT environments. These operational costs include helpdesk [...]

What is the future of Web Hosting?

It’s a safe bet that the Web hosting industry of the future will look very different from the one today’s hosting providers are used to, and that’s certainly cause enough for concern to those in the business. An even greater concern, though, is the serious possibility that the future isn’t as far away as some [...]

Gmail vs Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Businesses are looking to hosted e-mail services to reduce costs and ease of management, and the choice often comes down to Google’s Gmail or a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. For many, the decision will hinge on the features and functions. I have provided a snippet of Pro’s from both – Microsoft Hosted Exchange 1/ [...]

Parallels Virtuozzo vs VMware – Which is better?

With so much hype and buzz in the market surrounding the idea of virtualisation, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. For the uninitiated, the differences between Hardware Virtualisation tools like VMware Virtual Infrastructure and those that drive O/S Virtualisation like Parallels Virtuozzo Containers are of little consequence. But in reality their goals [...]

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